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genomic profiling
of urine DNA

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Robust clinical
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We’re changing the timeline for cancer detection. Convergent Genomics is on a mission to simplify and accelerate cancer diagnostics serving clinicians and patients with personalized data and actionable insights. Armed with advances in liquid biopsy and next-generation sequencing, we extract DNA from urine to spot cancer risks at a genetic level earlier. In some cases, we see the future years before today’s testing can identify emerging cancer cells.

Not just
another test –
a whole new

When it comes to cancer, we often find ourselves on the back foot –  treating, not predicting, and reacting, not acting. UroAmp is a non-invasive genomic urine test that can reveal cancer with great accuracy long before it can be seen with cystoscopy – changing the timeline for cancer detection.

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“UroAmp can potentially change how we identify and manage bladder cancer. This breakthrough technology has integrated easily into my practice and provides prognostic and predictive data that is real, repeatable, and quantifiable. It has identified many high-grade and low-grade tumors which cytology missed. The genomic insights are reassuring and helpful in guiding my treatment choices. UroAmp represents an important and much-needed advancement in urothelial cancer care.”

Justin Cohen, MD

There’s a better
way to diagnose
bladder cancer –
earlier and more comprehensively.

We are a genomic diagnostic company founded by a team of cancer biologists, urologic oncologists, and data scientists who came together to advance cancer care and improve outcomes by developing a simple and non-invasive way to reliably detect, monitor, and predict the risk of urothelial cancer from urine.

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