The best time to see bladder cancer is before you can
even see it.

UroAmp is a non-invasive genomic urine test that can reliably detect, monitor, and predict the risk of urothelial cancer or its recurrence months or even years before signs and symptoms develop or become detectable by cystoscopy.

The test enables the generation of a comprehensive genomic profile that deeply interrogates 60 of the most high-impact urothelial cancer genes while broadly measuring changes across the whole genome. This in-depth approach has been validated to provide unprecedented levels of performance in some of the most challenging clinical scenarios.


Each UroAmp report provides a unique fingerprint of the patient’s cancer or cancer risk. These actionable insights enable unique data-driven decision-making that can help you better anticipate, monitor and personalize the care management of your patients.


Detects 92% of tumor mutations from urine DNA1



Low-grade: Cytology 12.5% vs. UroAmp 67%
High-grade: Cytology 50% vs. UroAmp 100%2


Identifies mutations for FDA-approved therapies erdafitinib and pembrolizumab



Can predict urothelial cancer up to 12 years ahead of clinical diagnosis3




Genomic Profiling Report

This report profiles genomic alterations and identifies genes associated with response to FDA-approved therapies and agents being actively studied in clinical trials. This molecular profiling helps clinicians further understand the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s cancer and to guide potential drug therapies. With this in-depth assessment, clinicians are armed with accurate and valuable information to help guide clinical decision-making, better personalizing treatment to the patient’s unique tumor genome.

Monitoring Report

This report provides a highly accurate prediction of tumor grade, recurrence risk, and Genomic Disease Burden (GDB) score. The GDB is a measure of a patient’s disease burden compared to bladder cancer patients previously tested with UroAmp. When accessed over time, it can help monitor disease progression, recurrence, and response to therapeutic interventions.


Preservation Media

Urine is a hostile environment that can rapidly degrade and destroy DNA at room temperature. Unlike other labs, the UroAmp platform does not require labor-intensive storage and shipping requirements. Instead, we have developed a patented Enhanced Media Preservation (EPM) that stabilizes and preserves DNA in urine samples for up to 14 days, even at room temperature. Our EPM solution ensures minimal impact on clinic workflow and consistent, high-quality results are delivered for every patient.1

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